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Barca Academy set to promote all-girls age group teams

Promoters of the Barca Academy in sub-Sahara Africa, the Blaugrana Group International, have revealed their plans to raise youth teams devoted solely to developing talented women footballers for the country.

The group said the project is a collaboration of the academy with foreign experts to raise teams that would in future “serve as strong links with overseas academy institutions that would offer the brilliant and talented young girls, with the required credentials, scholarship for core academic studies while playing football.”

Speaking in a forum organised to mark the 2020 Children’s Day, Blaugrana Group Chairman, Leslie Oghomienor explained, “We are passionate about being part of the success stories of our children. Nothing excites us more. Therefore, we will give our best to make sure this dream come true for us all.”

He urged the government and policymakers to consider a national sports education policy with annual budgetary support to protect the future of Nigeria’s young sportspeople, including the physically challenged.

He added: “Our policy formulators should research, study and learn from other climes, who are doing great in sports and education, two key areas that cannot be ignored when considering the holistic nurturing of the children, preparing them to become leaders, who are committed to their roles, taking full responsibility for their actions, whenever they flounder.”

He also urged parents to pay more attention to the activities and interests of their children and wards, especially now that children spend more time on the Internet, learning, because of the pandemic. He said such guidance would guide and protect the children from things that would have a negative influence on their character development.

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