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Black lives Matters | George Floyd Was Not Resisting Arrest Before Death, New Video Reveals

Black lives Matters

New surveillance footage proves that George Floyd was not resisting arrest before police murdered him.

The murder of George Floyd has sparked outrage across the world after footage of the police suffocating him to death emerged. Four police officers have since been fired but surveillance footage that captured the moments before they killed Floyd emerged earlier today. Police said that Floyd was resisting arrest and that’s why they used such aggressive force but new surveillance footage seemingly prove that was a lie.

Surveillance tapes from Dragon Wok, a nearby restaurant, was shared by the owner earlier today that revealed that what started off as a traffic stop escalated quickly. George is seen being taken out of his vehicle in cuffs. Two other people, a man and a woman were taken out of the vehicle prior to that. Floyd is then seen escorted to the sidewalk where the police seat him. The video shows no signs of resistance or aggression from Floyd during this encounter.

He was later walked by two officers out of view from the surveillance camera, though even then, there’s no resistance or aggression seen. It should be noted that the officer that kneed Floyd in the back of the neck weren’t the ones who led him off in cuffs. The owner of the restaurant, Rashad West, said the footage was released for his community.

Police said that they were responding to a call about a forged $10 bill from a business nearby that said George was trying to pay with counterfeit money due to company policy.

Though the four officers have since been fired, there have been urges for the State to charge the officers with murder.

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