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Blaugrana Boss calls for united front against COVID-19


Barca Academy Nigeria Set To Defend World Title’

Worried by the rising cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria and its effects on the sports sector, the chairman of the Blaugrana Group, sponsors of Barca Academy Nigeria, Leslie Oghomienor, has called on all stakeholders to join the fight against the dreaded pandemic.

The outbreak of the coronavirus has forced the cancellation of many competitions, including the Dutch League and the French Lique One, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the football leagues in Nigeria and all other local and international competitions.

The Barca Academy Nigeria were supposed to defend the Barca Academy World tournament title, which they won in Barcelona, Spain last year, but the prevailing circumstances has force the postponement of the competition.

Speaking after a strategic and technical team teleconference on Tuesday, Oghomienor urged stakeholders to come together to advance the campaign against COVID-19.

He believes that visionary nations, organisations and individuals with good will and determination will come out better after COVID-19 because the challenge is not discriminatory. “All the nations of the earth are affected, so also is the sports world.

“The economy is not free nor immune to it. We must be determined and innovative in order to win the game against the pandemic.

“Therefore, we must see things differently and work smartly such that our tomorrow would be better in all sectors of human callings than now,” he said.

According to Oghomienor, the Blaugrana Group, which he describes as an organization with core quest for nurturing young children to be great leaders and legends, is determined to conquer through innovative approach to the situation.

“In the Academy, we have the policy of no shin guard, no training during training sessions.

“Attention to little details, which many of us ignore, prevents serious life threatening damage. We do not compromise discipline. You either abide by the rules or you are out.

“We want the best for them and our nation Nigeria. I must mention that our children are determined and well prepared for the challenge in the field and off the field. This year at the Barca Academy World tournament, our children are looking forward to winning more group and individual trophies. Exploring and conquering more grounds,” Oghomienor said.


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