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India | Phone Charger Extracted From Man’s Bladder

Doctors in India have removed a 2-foot long mobile phone charger from the bladder of a man who had inserted the cable into his penis.

According to Dr. Walliul Islam, a general surgeon at the hospital in northeastern India, the 30-year-old had misled the doctors into believing he had ingested the nearly cable through his mouth. But it was revealed on the operation table that the cable had been inserted through the man’s penile urethra, The Hindustan Times reported.


The patient came to us with severe abdomen pain and told us that he consumed a headphone cable by mistake. We examined his stool and conducted an endoscopy as well but couldn’t find the cable. When we operated him, there was nothing in his gastrointestinal tract,” Dr Islam, a noted surgeon in Guwahati, said.

X ray

Surprised, Islam conducted an X-ray while the patient was on the operation table. It revealed that the cable was in fact in the man’s urinary bladder. The cable was removed and the patient is recovering well.

“He told us that he had consumed headphones through the mouth, but in fact, he had inserted the mobile charger cable through his penis. I have been conducting surgeries for 25 years now but this is the first time such a case happened on the operation table,” said Islam.

According to the doctor, the patient has a habit of inserting cables and other stuff through his penis as a form of sexual pleasure.

“I have read that people used to get sexual gratification by inserting instruments through the penis. This is one such case, and the psychiatrist can help him beyond this point,” Islam added


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