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LETTER: Destroying business will not flatten coronavirus curve

OPINION – It is absolutely correct to understand that big business is taking an enormous knock over this period.

However, it is the small business sector that has been absolutely wiped out in the past seven weeks.

I deal with small businesses on a daily basis and, as an attorney, I have serviced a regular client base of about 1500 small businesses.

Over these past seven weeks, I have had reports from almost all of them that they are close to permanent closure.

Unfortunately, certain industries are not going to be trading for the next few months, and I can’t see how the majority of them are going to be able to survive and pull through.

It is understandable that the government does not have the funding to distribute to all of them, and it is also understandable that the government is trying its utmost to flatten the curve of the virus’ spread.

What we can’t understand is why the government has seen, in its wisdom, to destroy certain jobs which would make no difference to our efforts in flattening the curve.

For instance: if one goes to a shop, one cannot understand why you can only buy certain products and not others.

This is not going to help to flatten the curve in any way.

Furthermore, e-commerce would be the logical way to go; yet, the government has seen its way clear to destroy this part of the industry.

One wonders whether anyone is actually thinking through the regulations before signing them.

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