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Meet Woman Who Has Reportedly Drunk 150,000 Cans of Coke In The Last 40 Years

People handle grief in different ways and for this 74-year-old woman, turning to coke following the loss of her husband 40 years ago was her best way of dealing with her trauma.

The pensioner has reportedly been drinking Coca Cola just the same way some would have turned to alcohol to drown their sorrows.

Her coke addiction became even more pronounced when she lost her son in a traffic accident.

She was featured by South Korean YouTube channel X SBS in February this year.

The 74-year-old woman claims that she has consumed 10 cans of Coke per day, on average, for the last 40 years, which would put the grand total at almost 150,000 cans, or 37,500 liters.

Excessive consumption of sugary drinks is no doubt bad for the body but she insisted that she was in great physical shape and that the Coke actually contributed positively to that.

According to her, coke is the perfect remedy to hiccups and it also soothes her when she’s feeling tired, sleepy or hungry.

Following her claims, X SBS ask the pensioner if she was up for a health checkup at a local clinic, and she accepted. While her blood test came out normal for a person her age, an upper endoscopy revealed some minor stomach and duodenal ulcerations, which the doctor said could become a problem in the long term.

It is uncertain if her heavy consumption of coke over the years is the cause of the ulcers but she has since said she will try to lower the amount of Coca Cola she drinks every day.


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