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World setback, Racism, brutality and rapists

brutality and rape in Nigeria

We do not need peace. We need to war against peace. Do not feel disturbed by these preceding words. Based on my premise, there are two categories of peace: “the negative peace”—currently subjugating the world—and “the positive peace”.

The negative peace is expunged from people who are unconcernedly silent about uproars and matters destroying the human race every moment (we need to war against this peace.) The positive peace is the order and salvation that the world derives by saying “NO” when necessary.

I have capitalized the word NO to typify “No Oppression.” I would conjecture that the soul of the human race is a single body, just like the human body.

As one part of the body cannot function without another, also, whatever goes wrong in another country or continent will resonantly affect the rest of the world since we are a single body.

Noticeably, the world is going through oppression in forms of racism, police brutality, and rape which would be my focal points here.

The brutal murder of George Floyd, an African-American, by the Minneapolis police officers on May 25, after accusing him of buying cigarettes with inauthentic $20 bill is a direct pointer at racism and police brutality.

How long do we reiterate harsh histories for future generations to peer into? This cycle of inhumanity has grown almost insurmountable since we have failed to stop it.

How long would the police, law enforcers, continue to violate the civil rights of suspected denizens? This is not a period when humanity should be particularly involved in discrimination by descent or colour such that it leads to murder.

The planet has been designed to develop through the combination of opposite elements. This is why Earth herself receives the energy that allows for our continuity from the sun. Opposites in nature have been made to unite for the birthing of a well-defined world.

Male merges with female to generate the continuity of the human cosmology. Assumedly, if there were no connection between male and female, the planet would have lost the very essence for its existence.

It appears that we have lost this truth that every human being is necessary for the growth of humanity. I do not expect that in a world where we dream of a safer future, we still traduce ourselves like animals in wildlife; in fact, humanity can be learned from the wildlife.

Recently, Yasmine Jackson, an African-American woman apprised us on her Instagram page about how she was almost murdered by a racist. As she puts it: “I was stabbed seven times by my house because ‘I’m a nigger.’

This woman chased me down and started stabbing me. She said it’s because I was a nigger and that’s all I could hear while I was being stabbed.”

The truth is Yasmine Jackson would not only internalize a physical pain; her mental health would be haunted by the memory and the fear that has been enmeshed in her.

This cycle of indignant oppression is continually subjugating lives every moment and the more we lose a soul to this, the more our planet continues to lose the breadth of development and world-changing inventions present in innocently murdered minds.

Perhaps, we have embraced the “negative peace” despite the presence of daily horrors spawned from racial segregation in the world.

The murder of George Floyd is here to open our hearts to this truth for us to war against this continuum. We have been silent for too long. We have already had enough and it is time to scream “NO” (No Oppression) before our breath is ceased, too.

The act of rape has remained a ground on which physical and psychological murder is fertilized for the victims. It is saddening to realise that many rape victims have been obscurely silenced from opening up. Your “NO” does not stop after you have been assaulted; no, it must continue for the apprehension of the criminal.

We need to make scapegoats out of rapists so that we can despoil the act from the minds and hearts of those who are poised to commit this evil. If we must destroy this act, we must review and reshape the law in a way that the individual would find it deadly to rape.

The human being is liable to evil if there is no law to surmount this innate nature. Without law, there is no fate. Ancient ages before our time, incest was not a sinful act since there was no law to restrain the act. But the moment a law was made against that genetic act, human beings began to see it as a sinful demeanour as anyone found guilty would face the brunt of the law.

Thereafter, parents began to implant this law in the psycho-sexual upbringing of children until it became a collective worldview.

Hinging on this, the act of rape is among the malignantly animalistic behaviour in a human being and if there is no adequacy of law to decapitate the behaviour, the rapist would be strengthened to decapitate the society.

We must not only make these laws, but we must also enforce them properly, develop them in minds and hearts of infants and grown-ups in a way that a spirited rapist would prosecute and judge himself before delving into the crime.

Whoever understands the human mind would know that it is quite difficult to abandon the pleasure that has been enjoyed, once.

To abandon this, there must be an exchange; a replacement. Enforced law must serve as a replacement for this deadly desire in the minds and hearts of the victimizer.

The style at which the girl-child dresses should not be considered as the root of this act; it is the absence of constraint against the pleasure derived from the evil.

This is why we must enchant “NO”—ubiquitously exposing rapists—until there is no more fear of being female in minds and hearts; until the victimizers have no cave to hide.

To say that the police, law enforcers, are protectors of the people and the law is becoming untrue. Some law enforcers, just like the racist and the rapist, have failed to recognize themselves in the lives they continually murder and brutalise; there is no empathy.

The profession and the uniform have served as a route of escape from being criminalised for a long period of time. This implies that culpable policemen have become getaways since we have all embraced the “negative peace.”

The inconsolable murder of a teenage girl, Tina Ezekwe, in the Iyana-Oworo area Lagos State is paving a broad path for us to accumulate past crimes committed by the police. This is not the first time; it is a cycle; a tradition; however, this cycle must be yelled at.

If we cannot entrust our safety in the hands of our law enforcers, then we must all become a single force that will teach them that ruthlessness is a stain to the law they are meant to uphold.

A lot of innocent criminals have been forced to live behind prison walls because these law enforcers abolish the apposite means of entrenching order.

How long do we remain silent about the multifarious deaths of innocent people around the world? We cannot continue to endure the incarcerations of the innocent.

At times, police officers coerce an innocent individual to acclaim himself or herself responsible for a criminal offence. We have to war against this heinous act of persistent police brutality for the world to have a safer world.

Maybe we can have our dream world of the “positive peace” and justice if we are no longer scared to scream “NO.”

Oso, a public affairs commentator, wrote from Lagos.

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